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What’s the Best 4K Gaming Monitor? Product Reviews

by ShaRhanda Bynum
Best 4k Gaming Monitor Reviews

Every PC gamer knows that it’s not your reflexes, it’s the lag, right?

LG 27UD68 P 4K UHD IPS Monitor 2

Whether it’s network latency caused by unstable communication between your home computer and the server hosting your game, or a hiccup caused by a delay from your processor, lag can cause microseconds of delay between your physical reactions, and the results you expect to see on screen.

And when it comes to competitive gaming, microseconds add up to seconds, and all too often, seconds mean the difference between victory and a crushing defeat for you and your team. But did you know that there’s another type of lag? And it’s possibly the most insidious one of all: monitor lag!

Even if you have a sweet processor and a top of the line graphics card, if you don’t have a monitor that can keep up with your settings cranked up to ultra, you’ll experience screen flicker, jerky animations, and other distracting visual conundrums.

Even if you’re not a gamer, having fewer pixels on the screen means a more cramped workspace for you to position all those windows, meaning less room and a much-hampered ability to multitask.

So, as you’re saving up to upgrade to a faster computer with a better graphics card, don’t forget that you’re going to need to upgrade your monitor as well, and there’s no better time than the rise of stunning 4K UHD technology to snag yourself a sweet new display.

Read on to discover our guide to the best 4K monitors for gaming.

Top-Rated 4K Monitors for Gaming - Comparison Table

Best 4K Gaming Monitor Reviews

1. ViewSonic XG2700-4K 27" 4K UHD FreeSync Gaming Monitor

61cqtvEfiSL SL1200

There are things about PC hardware that only gamers care about. Sure, 4K pixels and crystal clear, ultra-high definition display are the new cutting edge standard in display quality for real gamers, so any new monitor had better provide at least that.

But let’s talk about things that actually allow your PC to transcend from a glorified solitaire machine into a true, hardcore gaming rig. Features include a handy integrated headphone hook; anti-glare monitor shielding; and fully customizable tilt, pivot, and swivel heights.

And if that weren’t enough, the XG2700 comes with a 3-year limited warranty, and it’s even Energy Star Certified, so you can spend your gaming hours guilt free. That's not to say, of course, that the XG2700 is just all bells and whistles.

ViewSonic XG2700 4K Gaming Monitor 3

With a maximum resolution of 3840x2160 and patented SuperClear IPS panel technology, you can be sure your visuals are among the sharpest and clearest in the market.

If you’re a live-streamer, content creator, or just a regular ol’ graphics connoisseur, you’ll be pleased to know that the XG2700 comes preloaded with an impressive suite of customizable, professionally-styled color settings that you can tweak and adjust to deliver the ultimate visual quality, no matter what game title you’re playing.

But the best part of the XG2700? It’s that finally, we get a gaming monitor that’s smart and savvy enough to recognize that not all color settings are the same!

Fending off Walkers and making poor decisions that Clementine will remember in the gruesome, hyper stylized rendition of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games? You’ll definitely need settings that play up the game’s gritty, sketchy, comic book palate.

Demolishing enemies and lighting up the night with Junkrat’s signature Frag Launcher in Overwatch?

ViewSonic XG2700 4K Gaming Monitor 2

You will for sure want to crank up the bloom for all those glorious Play of the Game replays you’ll be making as you drive that RIP-Tire all the way across the map to ignite those smug fools clumping around the payload.

And of course, for all you die-hard Doom, Day of Infamy, and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds fans, the XG2700’s stunning 2160p FreeSync capabilities are more than capable of rendering every pixel of ultra-realistic carnage your little black heart's desire, in glorious 4K Ultra HD.

By letting you do all that, and more, the ViewSonic XG2700 ranks highly as one of the best 4K gaming monitors around.

But, let’s be honest here. It all comes down to that headphone hook. Dat headphone hook. I’ve got to get me one of these.

2. LG 27UD68-P 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor

LG 27UD68 P 4K UHD IPS Monitor

Of course, you’re reading this list of gaming monitors because you’re a gamer. But a fair word of warning: even the most ardent gamers will splurge first on upgrading their CPUs and graphics cards, only to be disappointed that their monitors simply can’t keep up with the increased workload of enhanced visuals.

Don’t slouch on your monitor: a BA graphics card isn’t going to mean much when your monitor simply can’t handle the output, and don’t settle for anything less than one of the best 4K gaming monitors on Amazon.

Ever wanted to crank up those graphics settings to Ultra? Your graphics card might be packing enough processing power to render all that increased ground clutter -- and those snow capped mountains in the distance?

Wow, it’s like that really is High Hrothgar in the distance, and you are destined to answer the call of the Greybeards to train as the Last Dovahkiin!

LG 27UD68 P 4K UHD IPS Monitor 3

You take a step, your first step on your epic journey and cold, cruel reality sinks in. You’re hit by crippling frame stutter, which suddenly blossoms into a depressing, paralytic lag that spreads across the whole of Skyrim, and perhaps, the entirety of Tamriel.

And that weird speck of jaggy polygons in the distance? Well, all of a sudden it’s grown into an even larger speck of jaggy polygons and screen tearing. Congratulations: you’ve just been eaten by your first dragon! Not that you can tell, because the experience has been utterly ruined by your substandard monitor.

The LG 27UD68’s got all you need to render each blade of grass as they sway and react in the virtual breeze, with virtually no lag impact to get in the way of your sword swings when that dragon finally decides to land and scorch the landscape.

At 4K UHD resolution and a whopping max rez of 3840x2160, you’ll be getting up close and personal with those feisty winged reptiles like never before.

And FreeSync has never been more gloriously implemented; say goodbye to screen flicker, and feeling sorry for yourself when screen flicker made you incapable of avoiding that last bellowing shout of Yol that incinerated you.

What’s unique about LG monitors is the handsome, handsome indeed suite of features it brings to the table.

LG 27UD68 P 4K UHD IPS Monitor (2)

Consider its coverage of over 99% of the sRGB spectrum, making this monitor an indispensable tool for professional streamers, photographers, graphic designers, movie buffs, and hardcore gamers who value squeezing every bit of graphical goodness from each pixel.

Intuitive on-screen controls put total command of some of the most essential and useful screen settings at your fingertips, which is awesomesauce, because having to alt+tab and right-click to change your monitor profiles is a total drag.

And for those of us old-fashioned types who never did catch on (or had the desk space for) multiple monitors, LG’s signature specialty Screen Split 2.0 technology lets you completely customize your monitor layout for multi-window multitasking with up to 14 intuitive options including 4 different picture-in-picture choices.

3. ASUS MG28UQ 28” 4K FreeSync Gaming Monitor

ASUS 4K Freesync Gaming Monitor

When it comes to gaming features, ASUS knows it’s at the top of its game: with features like 1ms rapid response time and good ol’ AMD adaptive sync technology, you’ll be more than equipped to leave the competition in the dust.

Near instantaneous response times means no more saying sorry to your teammates because you weren’t fast enough on that Caduceus heal, some Guardian Angel you are. Nope, any fails are strictly the fault of your own lazy trigger clicker finger.

Any gamer since the turn of the millennium knows that ASUS gaming hardware needs no introduction.

Straddling the line between high performance and affordable prices that won’t gouge your credit card to shreds, the PB287Q offers 28 inches of 4K UHD visuals at a far more reasonable cost than other monitors that boast the same hardware.

It’s no wonder why it’s rated a monumental near perfect score stars from over 300 Amazon customer reviews.

A substantial jump from most other monitors on our list, the addition of a single square inch of screen space means a substantial jump in max rez capability, ensuring that the FreeSync delivers superior graphical immersion and visual quality.

ASUS 4K Freesync Gaming Monitor 3

Supporting a native setting of up to a staggering resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, you should expect nothing short of photo realistic visuals: back in the day, TV and photography buffs like to throw around the term ‘high fidelity.’

What qualified as ‘high fidelity’ back then has got nothing on what the ASUS MG28UQ’s capable of today: up to a staggering 4 times the pixels of a Full HD 1080p display on a monitor that’s identical in size.

What does this mean for you? Clearer visuals and crisper text, which is great even when you’re not a gamer, like when streaming your favorite movies and videos on demand.

Or if you’re a weekend workaholic whose gaming rig also pulls double duty as your online work rig, more on-screen pixels means a larger workspace for all your various applications and windows, with no monitor slow down as you seamless transition between your various programs.

Real hardware enthusiasts are well aware that for many product lines, there’s consumer grade, and then there’s competition grade. Gaming monitors are no different.

Display monitor experts, graphics geeks, and maybe the rare electronics guy at a major retail outlet who’s actually worth his paycheck will tell you that most mere mortals can get by with up to 30ms of input lag.

But competition grade gamers demand a monitor that’s powerful enough to output a response time of 20ms or less.

That means that your monitor must be able to visualize the graphical outcome of your button inputs with less than 20 microseconds of lag time in-between each button press and what you see on screen.

Not too long ago, this was the absolute skin-splitting edge of what gaming monitors were capable of; most monitors were unable to meet these expectations, and so competitive gamers were forced to resort to turning down their graphics settings in favor of increased response times.

ASUS MG28UQ 4KUHD 28 Inch FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Being able to run a game on 4K UHD settings and staying competitive was pretty much a thing of science fiction.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve got this 28-inch beastie from ASUS: not only is it capable of displaying 4K visuals, but it's also powerful enough to display 4K visuals with a measly 10ms of input lag.

Ten microseconds -- that’s twice as low as professional gamers demand of their monitors -- and at 4K graphics settings. Talk about unreal, and talk about overachievement.

In layman’s terms, 10ms input lag means silky smooth Shoryukens in the competitive Street Fighter e-league, freeing you to pwn n00bs as you Hadouken your way through the leaderboards.

About the only thing you’ll need to watch out for is crippling server lag and cataclysmic network failure when Capcom’s hobbled, sad excuse for an online multiplayer service inevitably collapses from neglect and misuse.

Oh, snap. See what I did there? There, I went there, is what I did.

While the lion’s share of Amazon reviewers were quick to award a whopping 5 out of 5 stars to this gaming monitor, those who didn’t impart a significant "buyer beware" we wouldn’t feel right not mentioning here.

ASUS 4K Freesync Gaming Monitor 2

Most reviewers agree that this is an amazing piece of hardware, easily one of the best 4K gaming monitors out there; the specs hit all the sweet spots, and at an amazing sweet spot in pricing as well.

But a fair number of users report opening their packages only to find manufacturing errors; not so much dead pixels, but significant dust or ‘grease spots’ most commonly attributed to the product assembly phase not being done in a cleanroom.

In addition, buyers who received several early shipments of the monitor report numerous scratches and blemishes on their product. That said, most 1-star reviews were written back in 2015, and it’s likely that a leading competitive gaming monitor brand like ASUS would have stepped up their game since then.

Still, it’s always a good idea to inspect your monitor as soon as you get done unboxing it, as great price range or no, it pays to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

4. ASUS PB287Q 28" 4K/UHD Eye Care Monitor

ASUS PB287Q 4K UHD Eye Care Monitor

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, off the grid or perhaps as part of a remote mountain monastery for the past few years, you’d be well aware that 4K UHD graphics are all the rage these days.

The difference between 4K and last generation’s graphics are as distinct and as visceral as feasting your eyes on a five-star gourmet meal and a sad handful of greasy cardboard nuggets from the local fast food joint.

Looking at the same screenshot in 4K side by side with a non-4K screenshot, immediately evident is that the image quality is crisper, the lines sharper, smoother, better defined and significantly less blurry, and the colors brighter, poppier, and more jaw droppingly photorealistic.

ASUS PB287Q 4KUHD Eye Care Monitor 2

Sounds great, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want perfectly cooked filet mignon instead of instant arterial death sandwiched between two slices of pre-frozen gluten product shaped like bread?

Similarly, who wouldn’t want eye-popping, photorealistic graphics that require you to pick your jaw up off the floor every time you load up your favorite game?

Having said that, if life has taught us anything, is that it’s wrong to love. Or, at least, to love too quickly and too thoroughly.

Newcomers to the 4K experience often report eye fatigue after prolonged gaming or viewing sessions, leading to all sorts of undesirable symptoms like needing to close your eyes and tear yourself away from the amazing 4K graphics in favor of staring at the back of your eyelids, which are dark and dreary.

Which makes sense, when you think about it, our eyes have evolved to be acclimated to mediocre, undersaturated colors and adulterated, blurry pixel definition. And a mediocre visual experience is exactly what 4K isn’t terribly great at providing.

ASUS PB287Q 4K UHD Eye Care Monitor 3

If 4K is the graphics potential of the future, then our eyes are not ready to glimpse the future! Luckily, there’s the ASUS PB287Q to soften the pain of time travel on our squishy, unreliable human optics.

ASUS’s line of Eye Care monitors is specially designed with Flicker-Free technology to minimize screen tearing, and those split-second frame blinks that sometimes plague prolonged gaming or movie watching sessions.

When it comes to gaming, not only is going flicker-free good for your reaction times, but apparently, it’s healthy for your eyes as well.

Add to that an ergonomically designed stand with full vertical and horizontal tilt capabilities; adjustments for swivel, pivot, and height; plus wall mount capabilities; and a solid HDMI refresh rate of 30Hz, and it’s no wonder the PB287Q is one of the best 4K gaming monitors on our list.

5. Samsung U28E590D 28” UHD LED-Lit Monitor

Samsung U28E590D UHD LED Lit Monitor

It’s 3 AM. You and your buddies have just spent the last 25 minutes on a grueling back and forth against a killer premade. It’s the final push, and your team’s on D. You pick the sniper class, your favorite, and you’re good at it.

The random map setting spits you out in a spawn point near a control point you know in and out. It’s the perfect storm. “We’ve got this,” your instincts tell you, and you trust them, for they are the instincts of a killer.

The match starts, the tanks roll out, the skirmishers and healers rush in behind them. Forces clash, the fighting breaks out. In seconds, the air is filled with the sounds of battle and carnage and heavy weapons fire. It is all you hear.

A few seconds in and the city streets are reduced to a bitter No Man’s Land cratered with smoking plasma burns and rapidly filling with rag-dolled corpses. You recognize a few of them. Some of them were your friends. Some were your enemies. But none are yours.

No, you’ve bided your time. With the enemies' attention drawn to the rest of your team, you’ve been crouching, climbing, wall running unseen across the map. Capturing control points.

Racking up headshot kills where you can, then vanishing into thin air long before your targets realize they’ve hit the dirt. You’re quick, you’re careful, you’re deadly. You make sure the only glimpse anyone ever catches of you is your name climbing up the leaderboards.

Samsung U28E590D UHD LED Lit Monitor 2

Finally, you grapple up to reach the Sweet Spot. The one vantage of the map that few know of. You make it your nest, hunker down, get comfortable. Through the lens of your sniper scope, you draw an imaginary line between yourself and the maximum range of your rifle.

The payload isn’t getting past this line. You know this, and soon, one by one, the enemy knows this too. You wither their ranks. Life’s good, unless you’re down there.

But you got cocky. A stealther stumbles upon your nest. He wasn’t expecting anyone to be up here, but he’s built for close combat, and he’s quick on the trigger. You’ll need to be quicker, or you’ll be deader.

It all comes down to this. Time seems to slow. You reach for the alt-fire key, whipping out your sidearm and readying it for a last-ditch three-round burst.

Then, your screen flickers. For a split-second, your monitor goes dark and resets. When it comes back online, all you see is red, and the countdown timer to respawn. Even worse? No one will believe you when you blame your hardware.

You’re just going to have to suck it up and make that long, hang dog walk of shame to scope out another vantage point, hoping that your blunder didn’t just break the team’s all-weekend win streak.

Or, you could just not let screen flicker ruin your game.

With the Samsung UE590 UHD monitor, not only are you able to game in stunning Ultra HD graphics quality, you’ll never have to feel the sting of graphical hardware faults again. With its built in AMD FreeSync, your visuals come through crystal clear and with an unparalleled screen refresh rate.

Samsung U28E590D UHD LED Lit Monitor 3

In gamer speak, this means significantly minimized input lag, screen tearing, and framerate stuttering. And its lightning-speed 10ms response time means you never worry about on-screen latency putting a cramp on your trigger finger.

When all it takes is the blink of an eye for certain victory to turn into crushing defeat, you know not to blink. Why shouldn’t your monitor do the same? Don’t settle for anything less than the best 4K gaming monitor around, and never let choppy frames and screen flicker ruin another evening pwning n00bs.

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Gaming has always pushed the boundaries of PC technology, and it's obvious why: serious gamers demand nothing less than the best visuals and most enjoyable experience for their time and expense.

Do you and your gaming squad demand nothing short of competition level response times in order to pulverize the competition? Are you an immersion addict who wants more than just to play games, but to see them brought to life the way they were meant to?

Or are you simply looking for a gaming rig that could double as a workhorse, with plenty of screen space to accommodate all your Windows-based tasks?

Having read our tour de force of the best 4K monitors for gaming, rest easy that you will now be better informed about your monitor selections.

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