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Best Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats and Dogs

by ShaRhanda Bynum

Every good pet owner you meet will tell you that taking care of their furry best friends is a top priority in their life, but what happens when you have to go away and you can’t take them with you?

Aside from missing them, you have to make sure they stay as well fed and looked after as if you’d never gone away, and the best way to achieve this is with an automatic pet feeder.

These wonderful machines are truly everything you need to keep your puppy or kitty full and happy and your mind at ease while you’re away, and because we understand the many benefits they can bring into your life, we bring you the most complete reviews for ten of the best automatic pet feeders in the market right now.

Top Automatic Cat and Dog Feeders - Comparison Chart

Best Automatic Pet Feeder Reviews

1. PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

One of the best things about this day and age is how we can control everything from the comfort of our phones, including when our pets have their lunch breaks from all that playing and napping.

This PetSafe automatic feeder is truly smart when it comes to convenience, coming with built-in Wi-Fi to connect to your phone and select the feeding times of your pet through their app, which will also let you know when it has successfully delivered the perfect amount of food into your pet’s tray.

The design of this feeder is equally smart, with a hopper large enough for 24 cups of food and a paw-proof secure lock to keep it closed. This feeder is a big improvement on previous models, being incredibly easy to use and program for the exact needs of your pet, all with the press of a button.

Make feeding your pets the easiest thing in the world with this fantastic automatic pet feeder, which comes with just about everything you’ve ever needed in a food dispenser for your cat or dog, including a voice recorder and an infrared detection system to prevent food locks or spills.

This feeder comes with a series of neat features that really make it a go-to for anyone looking for a really nice, functional dispenser. The first one is its square, light design that can fit into any corner without taking much space.

The second, its truly no-brainer settings program that can deliver up to 39 rations per meal, which is enough to last you a very long time depending on the amount of food you set out to dispense.

And last but not least, its voice recorder, which you can set to automatically play a 10-second recording of your voice calling your pets to dinner, making this an excellent investment for an amazing prize.

This brand really knows what they’re doing when it comes to taking care of your pet, and they prove it by making some of the best automatic pet feeders out there, such as the wonderful Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder.

If your cat or dog suffers from food anxiety or it needs to follow a specific feeding pattern, this feeder is all you need.

This product is long lasting in every way it can possibly be, with a tough, durable design and easily programmable and super functional settings that you can leave on pre-set to deliver food twice a day, or customize to serve up to 12 small meals per day.

It also comes with a slow-feeding option that does wonders if your pet likes to gulp everything down. This feeder puts the safety of your pet first, and that alone makes it a worthy option.

This elegant feeder not only looks great, but does an amazing job at feeding your cat or dog on time and establishing a healthy eating routine, making it an excellent choice for those looking for an easily programmable feeder to take care of their pet.

The WOpet 7L comes with a voice recorder that calls your kitty or puppy with a personalized message to make sure they come running to the dispenser and never skip a meal, working wonders on pets that are a bit nervous about approaching a strange machine.

Whatsmore, this feeder is specially made with pets’ with dietary needs in mind, given that it only dispenses up to four servings a day, letting you preset just how much food goes into the tray at every meal.

Solid, sturdy and smart designs like this one, made for all cats and small to medium sized dogs, are what we like to call truly pet-friendly.

This original design was made with simplicity and functionality in mind, offering an easily programmable and usable feeder that will work perfectly for a very long time. A very neat detail you can find in almost every PetSafe automatic feeder is that they don’t stick to only dry foods, but also allow semi-moist meals into their dispenser, making sure every dietary need gets satisfied.

This feeder is durable and reliable, and a great way to manage your time and keep your pet well fed. Its safety lid keeps greedy paws at bay, and it's remarkably easy to clean and set up. The presetting system keeps your pet from overeating, allowing each of the six compartments up to one full cup of food to be delivered whenever you want.

Keep in mind that this product is powered only by batteries, so even if they do last a long time, make sure to keep some spares so your pet never skips a meal.

A high-quality design that covers just about anything you might need to keep your pet’s tummy full and healthy, this isYoung dispenser is definitely one of the best automatic pet feeders you can find. It serves as a meal timer, a voice recorder, and a storage unit to keep all your pet’s food fresh and ready to serve.

Just by looking at this dispenser you know you’re in for a good deal, but what really sells this feeder is its integral presetting system that allows you individually program all three of your pet’s meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – with different amounts of food to make sure your buddy eats evenly throughout the day.

It also comes with a handy voice recorder to help your pet get accustomed to the machine, and to top it all off, it is remarkably easy to clean.

The internet of things just gets so much better when it involves pets! This is exactly the case with the Feed and Go Pet Feeder, which takes automatic feeding to a whole new level with their built-in camera and their iOS and Android apps that let you program, feed on demand, and keep an eye on your pet’s every meal when you’re away.

This sleek design is built for both dry and wet food, something not many feeders cover, as well as for meds that need to be taken every certain amount of time. The camera is also a great feature, letting you know if your pet comes over when they hear the alarm or the 10-second recording of your voice.

And since it’s a smart feeder, you can program it to serve any of the six cup servings at any given time during the day. This is really one of the most complete feeders out there, so it makes for an excellent inversion in your pet’s life.

Take feeding your pet off your daily schedule with this amazing automatic gravity dispenser and its straight-on, easy-to-use approach to serving dinner for your darlings. Feeding a cat or a dog, especially those with specific dietary needs, can be stressful for anyone, but Petmate takes that burden off with a fabulous and functional system that delivers just the right amount of food to your pet and leaves you with a well-fed, happy friend.

Perhaps the best thing about this feeder is its big, spacious hopper that keeps your pet’s dry food fresh and safe from hungry paws, being so easy to fill and clean that it will take you no time to reassemble and let gravity do its job of letting the food automatically replenish the tray when levels get low.

Be sure to use small kibble or dog food, though, because big pieces can block the dispenser and then diminish the amount of food that hits the tray.

This smooth and futuristic pet feeder not only looks like it does a great job of looking after your cat, it actually does. It comes with a variety of neat features that add up to making this product one of the best automatic pet feeders you can find, keeping your cat or dog in line with their diet and your day free of hungry domestic animals.

On the food department, this feeder can deliver up to 4 cups of dog food or kibble per meal, and you can preset the time for about six meals a day. It also comes with a very cool infrared detection system that senses when the tray is too full, stopping the food flow until it is clear.

You can also use this feeder to record your voice to make sure your pet comes to the machine at every meal time. This feeder can be powered by batteries or with an adapter, so you can rest assured your pets will always get fed on time.

Go to work every morning knowing that your pet is in good hands with this excellent automatic, programmable feeder by eTTgear, a brand that proves to know all busy pet owners and knows that a well-fed puppy is a happy puppy.

This automatic dog feeder comes with all the essentials of the most complete pet feeder, like a voice recorder, a big, clear hopper to store dry food and see when it is running out, and programmable settings with a clear and simple LCD display.

The spacious hopper can hold as much as 5.5 liters of food and keep it fresh and safe for a really long time, built in resistant plastic that makes it ideal for keeping it outside or at the playful mercy of a big, strong breed.

Sturdy, lightweight and highly functional, this is truly the best pet feeder you can get for its price.

Final Thoughts

Minimize meal time hassle and maximize play time with your pet with any of these amazing automatic pet feeders, all made with the health and happiness of your kitty or pup, as well as your own peace of mind, in each of their designs.

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