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What Is the Best Router for Gaming? Product Reviews

by ShaRhanda Bynum
Best Gaming Router Reviews

It can be hard to find the perfect WiFi system for your home. There’s nearly always technical problems, areas where the signal doesn’t reach, or maybe it’s just too difficult to set up properly without the relevant bachelor’s degree.

I’ve bitten the technical bullet and done some hard work to research six of the leading gaming routers so you never miss a digital bullet.

Top-Rated Routers for Gaming - Comparison Table

Best Gaming Router Reviews

1. Orbi Home WiFi System

Orbi Home WiFi System

The Orbi Home WiFi System is one of the top rating routers available today. There’s a big boast on the box – claiming to cover up to 5000 square feet with just the main unit and one satellite unit provided, but unlike many other systems, the Orbi Router actually lives up to its promise.

It’s designed to eliminate WiFi dead spots, and the main unit will replace your existing router. In a two story house, the best way to get the most coverage would be to have the parent unit where your old router used to be and then the satellite unit upstairs in the “most needed” place.

Orbi uses a dedicated quad stream band to connect the two units together, which is one reason the signal is so strong. This offers a maximum speed of up to 420mb/s, which is going to be limited to the service your ISP is providing, but it’s nice to brag about.

If you’re one of those lucky people who lives in a massive house, or you have a large floor space for LAN parties and 5000 square feet is not enough, two more additional satellite units can be bought which will increase the coverage by 2000 square feet per unit (so 9000 square feet for the parent and three satellites.

The satellites themselves work just as well as the main unit, so where to place the parent isn’t as big a concern as it can sometimes be.

Orbi Home WiFi System 2

Setting everything up is fairly streamlined too, with an easy-to-read quick start guide guiding you through the process.

Checking whether a satellite is connecting properly to the parent is as easy as checking the halo color, with colors ranging from green to magenta indicated good or bad connectivity.

Special Features

  • Covers 5000 square feet
  • Tri-band wifi maximises internet speeds
  • ​Easy to setup via orbi app
  • ​Customizable guest wifi network
  • Copes well with multiple devices

It’s good to know that the Orbi Home WiFi system does well with multiple devices connecting to it. Sometimes, particular devices can hog the router, and other users will only get a trickle, but Orbi has designed their system so that the data is shared equally, minimizing poor experiences.

2. Linksys Velop Tri-band AC4400 Whole Home WiFi Mesh System

Linksys Velop Tri Band AC4400 Whole Home WiFi Mesh System

The Linksys Velop is another excellent WiFi mesh system for gaming and other internet activities. You can order packs of varying amounts of nodes, depending on the size of your home and building materials used.

If you’ve tried other systems and have black spots in certain areas, additional nodes will take care of that problem.

The nodes themselves are designed with minimal external wiring and as small of a “footprint” as possible – so they take up the least surface area needed. While the nodes themselves are small, the external power supply is a bit bulky, and it’s wide enough that it will, unfortunately, block multiple slots on a multi-plug socket.

That’s a fairly small price to pay for this awesome system, however. You can set it up as either a wired or wireless mesh system and even with the wireless mesh, the speed you get is dream-like.

If any node has an issue, the other nodes will compensate, and it’s possible to get fantastic speeds from any node, even the one furthest away from you.

If you’re worried that you’re not always getting the speed that you’re paying your ISP for, you can easily test your speed using the Linksys app, which will provide you an accurate measurement any time of the day.

Linksys Velop Tri Band AC4400 Whole Home WiFi Mesh System 2

Special Features

  • Tri-band WiFi system
  • Nodes compensate for others if needed
  • ​Designed with minimal external wiring
  • ​Sleek and compact
  • Up to 4000 square feet

It’s a very sleek, small, and compact system, apart from the power unit, and it’s designed with minimal wiring in mind, so that you don’t feel like you’re a bank robber tip toeing through laser trip wires.

The nodes work well at delivering top speeds, and you’ll notice a difference if you’ve ever had speed issues in the past.

3. Eero Home WiFi System

Eero Home WiFi System

There’s a lot of customizability via Eero’s app for their home WiFi system. Using their app is a must because it’s used in setting everything up, and if it sounds like a chore, don’t worry as it’s easy to set up.

You just need to create an account, input your information and verify your activation code. With a few simple presses, you tell the app where your unit(s) are located and the app does the work from there.

Making, creating, and managing profiles is also done via the app, and it’s really useful in certain circumstances. You might want to limit access for certain profiles (like kids) to certain times, or even turn certain devices off that are connected (you want that bandwidth to yourself, after all!).

The units themselves are fast, very small and compact and you can choose whether to set them up as a wired or wireless mesh network (either you connect them with a wire, or you don’t).

Like the Linksys Velop, you can buy packs of units depending on your needs, and with the Eero, it’s recommended that you purchase one unit per 1000 square feet.

The units are a bit wider but a lot shorter than the Linksys Velop and the power supply is a lot smaller too – much better than the Linksys Velop.

Eero Home WiFi System 2

Special Features

  • Very customizable
  • Manage everything via Eero app
  • ​Very small, compact units
  • ​One units serves 1000 square feet
  • Extremely easy to set up (as long as you don’t mind creating an account)

This Eero model is one of the best routers for gaming that you can get. You’ll need more units per 1000 feet than some of the other systems reviewed here, but if you have a relatively smaller home then the Eero units will be perfect for you.

4. Google WiFi System

Google Wifi System

Google is pretty good at making quality gadgets, and their home WiFi system is no different. You can buy their nodes individually or as a three pack and each node will cover between 1200 to 1500 square feet depending on your home’s layout and materials that might interfere with the signal.

Google is big on intuitive user interfaces, so they’ve tried hard to make this system simple to use also. They do that in a similar way to Eero, whereby you set everything up via the Google App and, again like Eero, you manage everything (e.g., creating and managing groups) through that app.

The Google nodes are aesthetically pleasing and if you’re using them wirelessly, there are no visible wires to worry about either. One potential issue is that there’s no built in modem, so you will have to connect one unit to your existing modem for the Google system to work.

You’ll also need to use the Google app if you want to make any changes to your WiFi system.

Google Wifi System 2

The speed is good, and there will be a check every five minutes to make sure your device is connected to the fastest node. In case it’s different, you’ll be switched over automatically.

Special Features

  • Very simple to setup (via google’s app)
  • One node covers 1200-1500 square feet
  • ​Very aesthetically pleasing
  • Checks every 5 minutes for the best connection

This is a solid system from Google, and if you already have Google’s OnHub, they work very well with that (as well as match it in aesthetic design). Multiple nodes will cancel out dead zones in your home, and it’s entirely possible to have a top end experience with them.

5. NETGEAR Nighthawk X4 Ultimate Gaming Router

NETGEAR Nighthawk X4 Ultimate Gaming Router2

The Netgear Nighthawk X4 is a brilliant gaming router. As you can tell from its title, it’s been designed from the ground up to deliver the best gaming experience possible.

These days it’s not uncommon for a dozen devices to be connected to a home WiFi at once, all trying to download, stream and play games and the Nighthawk X$ does a great job at dealing with all those needs.

One unit is enough for the average Joe, while two units will cover the area of almost any home. It can handle speeds of up to 2.53 GB/s, and if this is your first foray into gaming routers, you’ll notice the difference immediately.

The Nighthawk uses the Genie app to set up and manage your WiFi, and it can be a little confusing in some areas – mainly since navigating the app and working out exactly which device is which isn’t very clear initially.

The 1.4GHz Netgear processor helps to allow multiple devices to stream, download, and play online games with negative effects due to its speed in processing and data management.

NETGEAR Nighthawk X4 Ultimate Gaming Router

Special Features

  • Intelligently prioritizes gaming
  • Two units covers almost any home
  • ​Powerful 1.4Ghz processor
  • Use the genie app to setup and manage your WiFi

The Nighthawk may be the best router for gaming that you can get. It utilizes some very powerful technology, and the four antennae do a brilliant job of getting the WiFi where it’s needed most.

It’s designed to favor gaming, because every millisecond counts when you’re playing competitively, and for anybody else who likes to download or stream, their buffer nightmares are over!

6. TP-Link AC1900 High Power Wireless WiFi Gigabit Router

TP Link AC1900 High Power Wireless WiFi Gigabit Router

The TP-Link AC1900 has a great range due to its three dual band antennae. It will work with older and new devices, as there are separate bandwidths for both (as with all the routers listed here).

One of the reasons the TP-Link is so powerful is because of the beamforming technology that it uses (much like the Nighthawk).

The antennae are fully adjustable so you can just point them at the area that needs the signal the most and all the power and strength of the signal will be focused on that area – up to three per box.

Like most of the other router here, an app is used to setup and manage accounts for WiFi. The particular app needed here is the TP-LINK Tether App.

TP Link AC1900 High Power Wireless WiFi Gigabit Router 2

Special Features

  • 1GHz [G1] Dual Core processor
  • Utilizes beamforming technology
  • ​3 Dual band antennae (Serves older and newer devices)
  • Uses the TP-LINK tether app for setup/management

You’ll find the TP-Link is among the less expensive of the routers here. It’s also not as powerful as some of them can be (especially the mesh systems) but if it serves you well, why pay more?

Buyer’s Guide

Google Wifi System Bg

If gaming’s important to you, you’ll want the very best router for gaming that you can get. A lot of the terms can be a bit baffling though, especially if you’re new to the market.

It’s important to know exactly what features and benefits a particular router is going to give you because it has to fit your circumstances, and you’re the expert on that!

To give you a hand, here’s a guide on some of the main features you’ve encountered so far.

Features Explained

What Is a Mesh Network?

A mesh network uses a series of “Nodes” or “Units” that are usually identical and form a network in the shape of a mesh. One of them will usually perform the role of the “Parent”, like a normal router.

Mesh networks can be very useful in getting around parts of your home that WiFi signals usually have a problem getting past. They’re also good at providing WiFi in large homes where average routers would have a lot of black spots.

What Is Beam-form Technology?

Beam forming technology is a long way away from something like the phasers from Star Trek, unfortunately, but it is an extremely good way to direct your WiFi to where it needs to go. If you see routers like the Nighthawk and TP-Link’s AC1900, they will use beam forming technology.

Rbi Home WiFi System Bg

You’re able to direct the antennae to where you want it to go, and instead of pinging out in a 360° radius, the beam will direct the WiFi to one particular direction first.

It won’t leave you with lots of black spots because you’re a little to the left or right of the antennae and it works a lot better than conventional routers, especially if your home has materials that can hinder WiFi.

What Does “Dual Band” Mean?

Regarding of a router, dual band means it will offer signals at 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz. This is because many older devices need to use the 2.4GHz band and cannot cope with the 5GHz one. You might have already seen 2.4GHz and 5GHz options from your ISP when you connected to them for the first time, and it’s the same thing.

Rbi Home WiFi System Bgg

Does the Processor Speed Matter?

The only people who needs to worry about this particular feature are the technophiles who are also going to install custom firmware and have to meet particular specs for it to work. If you’re just after a powerful WiFi gaming router, then you need not concern yourself with this.

What Can I Do With the Apps?

The various apps for the routers can be really useful. You’ll be able to set up various groups like family, guests, kids, and adults and choose when they’ll be able to access the WiFi. If you like to troll people, you can also randomly turn their WiFi off and on!

You’ll be able to see what devices are connected to your network, and disconnect them at will. Some of the apps will also let you prioritize some devices over other, like downloading for example.

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A gaming fan such as yourself demands the best router for gaming in any situation. Whether you like competitive PvP, FPS games or you just don’t want to suffer any internet lag in your favorite games.

Of course, you’ll need a powerful gaming laptop to take full advantage of your gaming router, so make sure you have one powerful enough for your needs!

This article was made with that in mind, and now you’re only one step away from enjoying the kind of power that only these kind of routers can give!

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