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What Is the Best Standing Desk? Sit-Stand Desk Reviews

by ShaRhanda Bynum
Best Standing Desk Reviews

Nowadays, it is a common thing to see people sitting while they work at their computers. It is proven that sitting for long periods of time can cause many issues like neck pain, back pain, fatigue, and so much more.

Standing while you work increases blood circulation, improves alertness and concentration, and lowers your stress levels and fatigue. Standing while you work has also been proven to burn calories.

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But where do you find desks that will heighten your workstation, while providing a spacious, sturdy platform for your computer? Look no further! I have put together a list of the ten best standing desks that the market has to offer.

These desks are lightweight, sturdy, and convenient, everything you want from your standing desk. For health’s sake, it is time for people to take a stand, literally!

Top-Rated Sit-Stand Desks - Comparison Table

Best Standing Desk Reviews



With this convenient desk, you can move throughout your day without being locked into one position. No matter if you want to stand or sit, this incredible desk makes it easy to switch between sitting and standing throughout your workday.

The desk requires no assembly, so you can simply pull it out of the box and get to work in minutes. The spring-loaded boost mechanism and dual-handle design make raising your monitor effortless.

Special Features

  • Holds up to 35lbs (15.8 kg)
  • 11 height adjustments
  • ​Fits most cubicle systems
  • Air-lift piston for smooth operation

The VARIDESK is designed to provide you with the maximum amount of workspace. As you all know, a cubicle was designed to maximize office space. Well, the VARIDESK takes it a step further and allows you to maximize your comfort and productivity while working in your cubicle.

It is big enough for dual-monitor setups and is designed to maximize the usable space in your office or cubicle. This is one of the best sit-stand desks that the market has to offer.

FlexiSpot 35" Wide Platform Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Riser

FlexiSpot 35 Wide Standing Desk Riser

If you are looking for a deep, wide surface, this fantastic desk offers a large work surface that provides you space for your work material and enough space to put your monitor at a comfortable reading distance.

This impressive desk also has FlexiSpot’s gas spring hovering system, providing you a smooth and stable workstation that can adjust to a sitting or standing position with just a light squeeze of the handle.

You can choose between 12 height levels as you transition from sitting to standing throughout your day. This terrific product supports better wrist and arm positions and better posture.

Special Features

FlexiSpot 35 Wide Standing Desk Riser 2
  • Supports up to 35lbs
  • Large work surface and wide keyboard tray
  • ​Supports better posture and healthy wrist and arm positions
  • Offers 12 height levels

The FlexiSpot 35" Wide Platform Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Riser has straight up and down movement, providing you with a workstation that rises and folds vertically, so there is no need to make spatial accommodations.

The desk is also constructed of a high-quality material that supports up to 35 pounds and has undergone extensive testing for movement, balance, and stability. This is, by far, one of the best standing desk risers on the market.

X-Elite – Stand Steady Standing Desk

X Elite Stand Steady Standing Desk

Tired of back pain, neck pain, and the fatigue brought on by sitting at your desk all day long? It’s time to try the X-Elite Pro. This remarkable desk allows you to get the job done while you stand, increasing your blood circulation, improving your concentration and alertness, and lowering your stress levels and fatigue.

Standing at work has been proven to burn calories and alleviate many conditions caused by sitting too much. This desk is extremely easy to use. You just have to take it out of the box, and it is ready to go!

Special Features

X Elite Stand Steady Standing Desk 1
  • Goes up and down in a matter of seconds with ease
  • Single flat surface for comfort and increased productivity
  • Spacious desktop that can hold a monitor, keyboard, mouse, phone, notepad, and more
  • No assembly required

The X-Elite – Stand Steady Standing Desk uses a powerful pump-assisted lift, making it easy to adjust. This mechanism allows you to adjust the desk to your height, and seamlessly raise and lower it to your liking.

This desk can hold up to 20 pounds and is made of laminated particleboard, and the legs and base are both made of steel. This is not only one of the most affordable standing desks on the market, but it is also one of the best standing desks that you can buy.

VIVO Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This dual-tiered platform sits on top of your desk and gives you the benefits of sitting or standing while you use your computer. Being given the option to stand while you are at your desk provides you with terrific benefits like enhanced posture and increased blood flow.

Standing will also keep your mind alert and make you more productive while you work. This incredible standing desk has unlimited points of height adjustment, which allows you to adjust to your desired comfort level; and the steel frame, with its innovative gas spring power, can hold weights up to 30 pounds.

Special Features

  • Quick transition (go from sitting to standing in one easy, smooth motion with strong spring force)
  • Dual tier
  • Anti-slip
  • Spacious work area
VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk 1

The VIVO Height-Adjustable Standing Desk has a two-tier system that keeps your keyboard and mouse on separate surfaces at an ergonomic position for your wrists. This incredible standing desk also offers you a solid base and anti-slip padding that protects surfaces from scratches and scuffs.

When it comes to the best standing desks, this incredible desk ranks at the top of the list. It is one of the best sit-stand desks that are available to you on the market.

Halter ED-600 Preassembled Height-Adjustable Desk

Halter ED 600 Height Adjustable Desk

Are you challenged with back, neck, posture, or circulation problems? If the answer is yes, you may want to try this amazing height-adjustable desk. This desk offers you multiple height levels to maximize your comfort, optimize your posture and natural blood circulation, and reduce eye strain.

This desk comes to you already assembled, so you can just place it on top of a table and be ready to go! And with the various height adjustments that are available to you, you can find the perfect height for your desk that will allow you to stand while you work and reap the benefits that are achievable through standing instead of sitting while are at your desk.

Special Features

Halter ED 600 Height Adjustable Desk 1
  • Switch from sitting to standing position in seconds
  • Gas spring technology
  • ​Squeeze handles for easy height adjustment
  • Comes fully assembled

With the Halter ED-600 Preassembled Height-Adjustable Desk, you just place the desk on top of a table, and you are all set! With its high-quality construction, the desk is incredibly smooth as it moves up and down.

And the desk stays sturdy even when it is at standing height. Now you can enjoy the freedom to sit or stand while you work!

UpTrak Sit/Stand Standing Desk

The UpTrak Metro Pro SitStand Standing Desk

If you are looking for one of the best sit-stand desks on the market, you found it! This desk is not only lightweight, but it is also sturdy as well. The desk has a strong spring lift feature that assists with the lifting and lowering of this awesome adjustable desk.

By merely undoing the latches, you can change the height of your desk to your comfort. This desk has incredible range! You can adjust it to 1.5 inches for sitting, or you can even adjust it to 18.5 inches for when you want to stand.

Special Features

The UpTrak Metro Pro SitStand Standing Desk 1
  • Great range of height
  • Spring lift
  • ​Lightweight
  • Sturdy

The UpTrak Sit/Stand Standing Desk promotes good health by offering you a fantastic desk that allows you to stand while you work on your computer. For no-nonsense simplicity, this desk is the answer.

No more rearranging your office to make space for your work area. This desk is simple to put together, and it will provide you with a sturdy platform to get your work done. Never has work been so convenient!

Vertical Vitality Slider

Vertical Vitality Slider

The time to get off your butt and get healthy is now! This high-quality and affordable desk allows you to convert your home or office into a sit-stand workspace, enabling you to work more productively while improving your health.

The desk has a durable, lightweight design that will support all your essential equipment with ease, and it is light enough to move to any location that you would like to use it. Worried about having enough space?

Well, this desk has a spacious platform that will support a laptop or a monitor and keyboard configuration.

Special Features

Vertical Vitality Slider 1
  • Height-adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Easy setup (only takes minutes)

The Vertical Vitality Slider is small enough to accommodate the coziest of workspaces, and it can be set up in minutes. And not only that! The desk won’t break the bank. Even the tightest of budgets can afford this incredible desk.

It is time for you to take a stand, literally, and bring your life back into balance. This cool desk will provide you with a more convenient and healthier workstation at a price that anyone can afford.

AmazonBasics Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter

AmazonBasics Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter

With this remarkable converter, you can turn any flat work surface into a sit-stand desk. The converter makes it easy to switch between sitting and standing for healthy movement while you work.

Standing while you work increases productivity and provides you with ergonomic benefits. The height of the desk is easily adjustable, raising and lowering in a matter of seconds. To raise the converter from a lower position, you just have to push down on the desk surface, release the handbrake lever, and lift it to the desired height.

To lower it, release the handbrake and apply force downward.

Special Features

AmazonBasics Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter 1
  • Adjustable from 6 to 20 inches
  • 20lbs weight capacity
  • ​Easy to use
  • Comes fully assembled

The AmazonBasics Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter will arrive fully assembled, will sit directly on a table or desk, and will transition between sitting and standing with ease.

The desk converter can hold up to 20 pounds, enabling it to hold anything from a laptop computer to a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and so much more!

AirRise Pro – Standing Desk Converter

AirRise Pro Standing Desk Converter

A healthy workspace no longer requires you to dismantle your office or spend thousands of dollars! This incredible standing desk provides you with a high-quality, affordable way to change your existing work area into a standing workstation.

This adjustable desk can raise and lower in a matter of seconds, and it has two tiers so it can support various monitor setups on its spacious top shelf and a keyboard and mouse on the bottom shelf.

This AirRise Pro is everything you want out of a standing desk—sturdiness, affordability, and smooth functionality.

Special Features

AirRise Pro Standing Desk Converter 1
  • Two-tier design
  • Unmatched stability
  • ​Air technology (Uses air cylinders that allow you to adjust height in seconds)
  • Healthy and productive

The AirRise Pro – Standing Desk Converter uses innovative pneumatic technology with an air cylinder that allows you to smoothly adjust the height in seconds. Even though the standing desk lifts like air, it still stands firmly like stone.

It has a steel structure and well-constructed base that ensures the desk is stable at all heights. Now you can have a well-constructed desk that will provide you with a sound workstation that allows you to stand while you work.

When using this incredible desk, you will notice an increase in focus, energy, and productivity.

CubeFit Standing Desk

CubeFit Standing Desk

Are you a health-conscious office worker, who wants to get more out of their time at work? This standing desk may be exactly what you are looking for! It works with laptop and desktop computers, and it features a top and lower platform that can accommodate a monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

And with this fantastic standing desk, you can go from sitting to standing in less than 10 seconds! With this desk, you can gain all the benefits of standing while you work. It just takes two easy motions to turn your work desk into a standing workstation that ranges from 10 to 18 inches high.

Special Features

CubeFit Standing Desk 1
  • Works with laptops or desktop computers
  • Converts easily into a standing desk in seconds
  • ​Fits on top of any desk size
  • ​Half the cost of other standing desks

The CubeFit Standing Desk, in addition to being easy to set up and use, is half the price of other standing desks without sacrificing sturdiness and quality.

The desk was designed with multiple levels, and it was built to be flexible, enabling it to fit on the smallest desks without compromising your workspace. And being that it is only 15 pounds, you can comfortably move your standing desk around the office or your home.

Buyer’s Guide

Standing Desk

When it comes to finding a standing desk that will fit your needs, the key is to know where you will be using it. Are you planning on using it in your home or your office? And, furthermore, how spacious is the area you plan to use it in?

These are a couple of issues you need to consider along with the looming issues of price, sturdiness, and finding the perfect color to match the décor.

Still unsure where to begin? Don’t worry! I have put together a guide to help you determine which standing desk is the right choice for your home and office needs.

Size Up Your Work Area

Sit Stand Desk Reviews

It is a good idea to know how big of a work area you are dealing with when deciding which standing desk will work best for you. Some standing desk may be too broad to fit in certain work areas, and other standing desks are flexible and built for tighter spaces.

Or maybe you are dealing with a larger work area, and you want something bigger that will take up a considerable amount of space. That is fine, too! The point is that you need to figure this out before you make your purchase.

Knowing the size of your work area is crucial to finding the right standing desk.

Know The Limits Of Your Standing Desk

Standing Desk 1

Sure, standing desks are perfect for your computer, keyboard, and mouse; but before you go and add pictures of the kids, a cup of coffee, and a vase full of flowers on top of your desk, it is good to know how much weight your standing desk can handle.

Every standing desk, beyond having a max height and max amount of space for your devices, also has a weight capacity. Do your research and know how much weight your standing desk can hold before you start placing anything on top of it.

As long as you stay within the amount of weight that the desk can handle, your desk will remain sturdy and reliable for years to come.

Determine Your Budget

Knowing what your budget is before you start shopping for standing desks is essential. A standing desk can run you anywhere from $70 to $500.

Best Standing Desk 1

Are you hoping to get yourself a small, cheap standing desk for your cramped office space, or are you looking for a fancy, expensive standing desk for your spacious home office? Or maybe you are looking for something middle of the road with regard to price.

There are plenty of terrific desks out there that are within most people’s budgets, which will provide you with a sturdy, spacious, quality platform for your computer, and provide you with a standing workspace that will make you a healthier person.

Price doesn’t always equate to quality. Just take a look at the list of standing desks above and do your research, and I guarantee you will find a great standing desk that is both sturdy and affordable.


When finding the perfect standing desk, a lot comes into play. What size of workspace are you dealing with? How much do you have to spend? How much weight do you need to support? Only you can answer these questions.

Best Standing Desk Reviews

They are all questions that need to be answered before you ever start your search for the perfect standing desk. Do yourself a favor and figure these issues out, and then take a good look at the list I have provided for you above.

I guarantee that somewhere on my list, you will find the perfect standing desk for your every need. I have provided you with the ten best standing desks that the market has to offer, all of them designed with your satisfaction and wellbeing in mind.

The only thing left for you to do is to find the one that works best for your specific workspace. Good luck!

Have you used a sit-stand desk? Tell me about the experience in the comments below!

Best Sit Stand Desk Reviews

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