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The Best Home Espresso Machines for Every Coffee Lover

by ShaRhanda Bynum
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Few things in life can be as satisfying as a good espresso – the warm smell, the soft crema, and the intense flavor of every cup is enough to set a morning in motion and to easily make you addicted to that delicious caffeine rush. Alas, going to coffee bars every day to get your daily espresso intake can end up steaming your money away, so why not make a fine investment and get the best home espresso machine out there?

There are many options in the market right now, going from expensive, high-end coffee machines that you can see on the best coffee bars in town, to more affordable, home-friendly makers that will get you the same quality and perfect finish of your favorite coffee shop. That is why we bring you these much-needed home espresso machine reviews to help you choose the best pick from the most important names in the area.

Best Espresso Machines for Home Use - Comparison Table

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Best Home Espresso Machine Reviews

1. Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine by De’Longhi

The Italian criteria to pass your coffee as a true espresso is quite strict, but you can get an A+ with the De’Longhi Nespresso Inissia, made by a brand that has stood out in the Italian coffee making industry for years.

This small but powerful design is stylish enough to look great in any décor, with its black finish and vintage air, but what really sells this espresso machine is its quick and easy usability.

With just the press of a button, you get its 19 bar pressure pump to work on either an espresso or a lungo, and all you have to do is wait about 25 minutes for the water to reach its ideal, almost-boiling temperature. It’s like it’s made especially for busy mornings that require strong coffee and quick motions.

The only thing you’ll find with this small but great espresso maker is that it doesn’t come with a milk frother to keep the contents warm, but that is easily overlooked when you find that it comes with sixteen Nespresso capsules that give your coffee an extra-worldly flavor.

De’Longhi couldn’t leave milk behind when it came to varying their espressos, so they came up with one of the best cappuccino machines in the market right now. This silver work of art will have you making barista-level coffees in no time with a simple yet cleverly constructed design that makes the perfect cup of cappuccino look easy.

This espresso machine’s Automatic Cappuccino System gives you tall, absolutely Instagram worthy cups of delicious coffee, with incredible layers of foam to top with any syrup you could think of. This machine also comes with the Nespresso recyclable capsule system in a wide variety of flavors that will add that extra essence to your drinks.

In terms of functionality, it comes with a large water tank for brewing several beverages, one right after the other, as well as with a pretty good heat-up time range that actually maintains the temperature on an even level, so you don’t have to wait around for the next cup.

An ideal machine if you’re looking to mix up your daily espressos or if you want to get into latte techniques in the comfort of your own kitchen.

KitchenAid is easily one of the best kitchenware brands you could ever invest in, and they have partnered with Nespresso to bring you some top quality, rich and flavorful espresso made by a robust and durable machine that evokes an industrial and vintage design.

This espresso machine comes in an all-metal design that makes it stand out in any kitchen, something common in all KitchenAid products. And while this brand put in the die-cast construction, its Nespresso makes sure you are getting the best and strongest blend by including sixteen capsules of varied flavors so you can enjoy something different every day.

Remarkably easy to use and practical to the last detail, this machine gets to work in 30 seconds, and you can set the intensity of the flavor yourself, opting for espresso or lungo. Just keep in mind that the capsules serve no more than 4.4 ounces per cup, so don’t be taken aback if you want to fill the tallest cup in your board with pure espresso.

Another nice detail this machine offers is that it does a great job of maintaining temperature and making a steaming hot cup of espresso, something some machines can’t really achieve.

Nescafé and De’Longhi have come together to bring you what definitively has to be one of the best espresso machines for home use that doesn’t just stick to one type of coffee, but to anything you could want in a cup, from frothy cappuccinos and macchiatos to hot, intense espresso shots, to iced coffee.

This spectacular looking machine is a state of the art coffee maker that comes in a modern and harmonious design, with user-friendly settings and patented features that put the perfect cup of coffee at the reach of a hand every morning.

You can easily choose between steaming hot and ice cold coffee with its toggle stick, as well as using its 8-level LED display to select the intensity of your blend and how many ounces of coffee you want in your cup, which can go up to 12 oz per drink, a lot more than some other options in the market.

One of the best parts of this machine is that it heats almost instantly, so you can brew any of your smart Nescafé pods whenever you want with minimum noise and absolutely no leaks or drips. This is indeed one of the best espresso machines you can get for the price and a much-recommended investment that perfectly blends technology with craftsmanship.

Get double the fun with this dual shot brewing espresso and cappuccino machine by Mr. Coffee, which works astoundingly well for such a lightweight design. Even with its more traditional outlook, what makes this espresso machine so popular is that you can make two serves of delicious, intense coffee with golden crema on top, or two frothy cappuccinos simultaneously, all with top quality results.

This machine is perfect for espresso making beginners because it walks you through the experience of making your own coffee, forsaking especial pods or capsules and giving you the freedom to mix as you want. It’s easy to control, and the indicators place you right where you need to be depending on how you want your coffee; it heats up quickly and comes with one of the best milk frothers you can find for the price.

Lastly,  the key to getting the most out of this machine, though, is to know what kind of grain to use. Even if it says that it’s made for a coarser, regular coffee grind, stick to the finely ground coffee powder to properly tam and work the pressurized portafilter.

Great for beginners and longtime espresso lovers alike, you will love the simplicity and no-nonsense approach of this espresso machine.

You might have noticed how De’Longhi seems to be a favorite here, but it rightfully earns it with the excellence of its home espresso machines, and especially with their Dedica. Small, classic and powerful, this little guy will get you some of the best pump machine espressos of your life without having to go to the coffee bar.

What is great about this design is that it feels as solid and durable as it actually is, even for such a small, convenient size. Its vintage, industrial looking presentation adds a stylish touch to any kitchen, and when it comes to espressos, it really is hard to top.

Being as easy to use as it already is, all you have to do is follow instructions and perfect your technique to really get the best out of this awesome machine; this espresso maker really gives you the opportunity to improve your methods while getting rich, densely flavored cups with silky crema on top.

The steam wand can take a little time to get used to, especially if you’ve only worked without a Panarello before, but once you get the hang of it, the results are amazing. This applies to the espresso machine in general, too; this beauty may require some skill, but when you get there, you’ll have the best homemade espresso ever.

Last but not least on our list of at home espresso machine reviews, Hamilton Beach is one of the best kitchen brands you could invest in, and there was no way we could leave out their amazing Espresso and Cappuccino Maker. Leaning towards the more traditional, this machine really is a wonder of simplicity and excellence that every espresso and cappuccino lover must consider to get the best consistency out of their favorite beverage.

What makes this machine great are the details that really set it apart from the rest, like the foolproof functionality of its portafilter, with its patented slide and lock system that easily secures everything in place, avoiding the extra effort of pulling the filter tight, as well as the risk of leaving it loose and having espresso pour down the wrong places.

Another nice touch is how quiet it is at the moment of pulling your shot; some machines whirr and burr like engines when pumping the water, but not this one. Even the steaming wand, when used correctly, works just as smoothly and softly as the milk you’ll be pouring for your cappuccinos.

This machine is precise, functional and easy to use, but what really sells it is the actual taste of the espresso, which is so top quality, with its coffee bar consistency and a wonderful layer of crema, that you’ll find it is worth every dollar you invest in it.  

Final Thoughts

A great espresso is a mix of good coffee beans and a quality machine, and we know that getting the perfect home espresso machine can be tough, since espresso making is as much an art as it is a science, but we hope these reviews got you a little closer to pulling the most aromatic, dense and flavorful shot, all from the comfort of your own home.


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